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Welcome to my little corner of the web. I post technical howto's and walkthroughs on the blog occasionally.
Most of it is geared around OpenSource, System Administration, Automation, and System Engineering. If you would like to have updates pushed to you via RSS you can subscribe here

Latest Posts:

Tooling the hyve On: 19 Dec 2018 By: Jason Barbier
Hey all, It’s been a while here so I figured I would write up some stuff I have been playing with. This go around it is BHYVE on FreeBSD. BHYVE is a great hypervisor project that started with the idea of FreeBSD needing its own hypervisor like KVM, but if we were going to make KVM today what would we do? There are all sorts of features with it and it gets better every day but as a Sysadmin my major gripe with it has been simple, tooling. Well Libvirt to the rescue.

Curing the insomnia, enable sleep for the X1 Carbon 6th Gen On: 06 Jun 2018 By: Jason Barbier
Curing the insomnia, enable sleep for the X1 Carbon 6th Gen So I recently got a great deal on an X1 Carbon 6th generation and love it, but there were a few downsides to it. The biggest down side is recently Lenovo decided to go all in on new is better and only provides S0ix sleep states. This is an issue for operating systems that do not support S0ix sleep states yet, like FreeBSD. But never fear, thanks to a few linux hackers and some creative work we can patch S3 back into our DSDT tables and be good to go.

FreeBSD on the System76 Galago Pro On: 15 May 2018 By: Jason Barbier
FreeBSD on the System76 Galago Pro Hey all, It’s been a while since I last posted but I thought I would hammer something out here. My most recent purchase was a System76 Galago Pro. I thought, afer playing with POP! OS a bit, is there any reason I couldn’t get BSD on this thing. Turns out the answer is no, no there isnt and it works pretty decently.