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My First week with GitHub Pages.

So I decided that I wanted to have my tech log here hosted somewhere and wanted easy static sites.

Looking around at various solutions I decided since I already make good use of my GitHub account for many things why not play with GitHub Pages. So GitHub’s documentation was easy enough to follow and get Jekyll to spit out a pretty basic site with a pretty basic layout. But it just sort of felt like there was things missing in how it worked and was just too simple. Once I had it going I started figuring out what extras I wanted. One of the basic extras was a good way for people to use RSS readers to keep up to date, and How to do that was fairly well documented. What is really nice is the ability to write posts in straight markdown and customize which markdown engines you would like to use. In my case I just take the defaults that GitHub suggests and use the GitHub style markdown. I was familiar with it and it was comfortable. Templates are easy to make if you like to customize things since it is just straight HTML/CSS/Whatever you need.
Overall I am quite impressed with GitHub Pages service so far, and I am very impressed with the quality and level of documentation and community involvement with Jekyll. So far if you need a simple status blog or something else hosted off site to provide simple news updates I would highly suggest this setup.