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PowerShell DSC and the cryptic error message! On: 24 Jan 2017 By: Jason Barbier
PowerShell DSC and the cryptic error message! DSC is a great idea that is still in the process of being completely baked out in windows. As such there are still a few quirks and issues, one of them being error messages. Today I ran into one of those ever great cryptic messages Failed to get the action from server http://server/PSDSCPullServer.svc/Action(ConfigurationId='foo')/GetAction, so lets talk about it.

Bending DuckDuckGo to do your bidding. On: 16 Feb 2016 By: Jason Barbier
Bending DuckDuckGo to do your bidding. It turns out while thinking ahead I decided I will at some point need to give people a way to search my blog. Not wanting to write or host an indexer myself I thought maybe I’ll turn to my favorite search engine of all time, DuckDuckGo.

State of Go 2016 On: 03 Feb 2016 By: Jason Barbier
The State of Go 2016 Looking at some of the stuff comming out of Go right now I am getting really interested in it again as a primary utility language. The slide deck I am referencing is at Crusing through this deck it looks like the Go people are committed to making Go great and with all the changes that have went in the past year they are succeeding. Take a peek at the deck and be prepared to be amazed.

Visual Studio Code On: 26 Oct 2015 By: Jason Barbier
Visual Studio Code Visual studio code, the new editor from MSFT. I’ve made the switch to Visual Studio Code about 4 months ago and have loved it so far. But it is missing some very key features to become my daily driver. Let me dive a bit more into it.

ODroid-XU4 thoughts. On: 23 Oct 2015 By: Jason Barbier
ODroid-XU4 thoughts. About a week ago I managed to pickup an Odroid-XU4 from HardKernel and overall have had a very good first impression of it.

Upcomming Bsides PDX Conference. On: 13 Oct 2015 By: Jason Barbier
Upcomming Bsides PDX Conference. Here toward the end of the week I will be out at the Bsides PDX security conference.

UEFI on OpenBSD On: 12 Oct 2015 By: Jason Barbier
UEFI on OpenBSD After tons of hardwork a group of dedicated hackers have finally put out a UEFI boot loader for OpenBSD. While the installer does not yet deal with EFI boot blocks they are easily installed manually.

vmm(4) on OpenBSD On: 09 Sep 2015 By: Jason Barbier
vmm(4) on OpenBSD Thanks to work by [email protected] OpenBSD is that much closer to having a native hypervisor and honestly I think this is a game changer.

Owncloud discovery On: 07 Jan 2015 By: Jason Barbier
Owncloud discovery My Thanks go out to Ryek on this I was reading though the OpenBSD mailing lists this morning and tripped over a nice write up I wanted to share Running ownCloud with HTTPD on OpenBSD

GitHub Pages On: 03 Nov 2014 By: Jason Barbier
My First week with GitHub Pages. So I decided that I wanted to have my tech log here hosted somewhere and wanted easy static sites.