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UEFI on OpenBSD On: 11 Oct 2015 By: Jason Barbier
UEFI on OpenBSD After tons of hardwork a group of dedicated hackers have finally put out a UEFI boot loader for OpenBSD. While the installer does not yet deal with EFI boot blocks they are easily installed manually.

vmm(4) on OpenBSD On: 09 Sep 2015 By: Jason Barbier
vmm(4) on OpenBSD Thanks to work by mlarkin@ OpenBSD is that much closer to having a native hypervisor and honestly I think this is a game changer.

Owncloud discovery On: 07 Jan 2015 By: Jason Barbier
Owncloud discovery My Thanks go out to Ryek on this I was reading though the OpenBSD mailing lists this morning and tripped over a nice write up I wanted to share Running ownCloud with HTTPD on OpenBSD

GitHub Pages On: 03 Nov 2014 By: Jason Barbier
My First week with GitHub Pages. So I decided that I wanted to have my tech log here hosted somewhere and wanted easy static sites.

Thanks Freenode! On: 30 Oct 2014 By: Jason Barbier
Thanks Freenode! So while I was reading various things today I tripped over So now if for some reason you forgot your nickserv password you just pop in /msg NickServ SENDPASS <account> and then if you have an email address attached to your nickserv account you now can reset your own password and not have to wait for an admin to pop on, reconize you, then send you the reset mail.

OpenSMTPD virtual users using SQLite On: 09 Jun 2014 By: Jason Barbier
OpenSMTPD virtual users using SQLite So boys and girls I managed to get virtual users with username@domain.tld to work with OpenSMTPD, and let me explain it off to you all.